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The VBC Group is a market leading manufacturer and global distributor of  AMS, MSRR and OMat aerospace welding wire and brazing alloys. Holding extensive stocks of the most comprehensive range of products, we can offer often unrivalled delivery times, as well as quality of product and customer service.

From our headquarters in Loughborough (UK), we are able to offer a world-wide support network for both commercial and technical services.

VBC core competencies include expertise in the fields of precious metal applications, aerospace, land based turbines, welding, induction brazing and vacuum brazing of all types of products.

We have the expertise to technically support our products which we do free of charge. Our technical team covers knowledge and application of precious metal, nickel based, honeycomb seal segments and aerospace welding support.

Latest VBC Group News

It's the New Year and we're pleased to announce another addition to our Silver Brazing Team. Meet Neil Finch who joins VBC as our UK Sales Manager.

We're extremely pleased to announce another addition to our ever-growing team. Meet Monika Cebula who joins us as UK sales representative. Monica has a wealth of experience in business growth and development. She will be an asset to VBC Group from 2018 onwards. 

We're extremely pleased to announce our newest member of staff Chris Sawbridge. Chris has over 14 years of industry experience specialising in the silver brazing alloy market. His previous role as Senior Sales Representative at Johnson Matthey means he brings a wealth of experience to VBC.